Healthcare/Medical Marketing

Healthcare/Medical Marketing

With the invention of the Internet and popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, marketing for medical and healthcare institutions is now more important than ever.

Patients can now connect with their local healthcare centre in order to book appointments, find out information about upcoming events that may be taking place, and other important updates. It is for this reason why it is more important than ever to be online and active on a regular basis via different networking platforms through out the world wide web.

In order to do this successfully you will need to have content on your site and on various networking platforms that is of a high quality and that has been optimized for search engines. And not just text content but also videos like the following:

In this article we will take a look at a few of the things to think about when you do begin to plan your marketing techniques within the healthcare field.


The main importance of developing an online marketing technique for healthcare and medical services is to drive traffic to your website. This website should contain all the information about the service that you provide and should help patients with their queries and their questions concerning problems that they may have and services that they require. Your other goal is to develop an online presence through the use of networking platforms such as Facebook and twitter, so as to get the message out and about your medical practice and the information that it is offering, as a way in which to connect with patients and keep them informed. Developing a strong relationship with patients is just as important on the web as it is in real life.


Effective social media marketing and seo techniques allows you to set up connections with individuals so that they can be alerted whenever there is news or updates concerning your practice. It is also useful as they can find out information and can see what others think of your practice through the use of reviews and comments that can be left either on the site itself or via blogging networks such as Facebook. Facebook is a great tool for updates and short bursts of well designed information that is easy to digest. Twitter is also a great tool for this as well.


The important thing to remember is that you will have many people searching for you and for the services that you provide via the Internet so it is important to make yourself available and easy to find. You should also make the information that you carry on your website easy to digest and easy for the user to navigate around. This requires you to develop a good user interface for your website. This is why you may wish to consider getting a professional web designer to help you who knows how to create a user interface that is easy to use. Once you’ve developed a presence on Facebook and other networking platforms you can then begin to update your website and your online presence on a regular basis.